Portrait - EP

by Polite Fiction

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This is my first foray into a fully produced, studio project. It was more challenging and more work than I EVER anticipated, even though I'd done previous tracks with a large number of instruments on them. All in all, to find my sound and go through several songs that weren't up to par, this took about a year to complete. Glad to be finally done with it!

I wanted to do an album with fun, accessible, upbeat tunes that made you want to smile, bob your head, and sing along.

Everything you hear was written, performed, and recorded right here in my bedroom by myself, with a few small exceptions here and there, like getting some guitar parts re-amped with the DI signal shipped out to some production houses. Living in an apartment does have its disadvantages, like not being able to crank an amp up loud.

The follow up to this EP (another 5 track EP) is expected in about 9 months, so stay tuned for more!


Kickstarter folks - for being patient while I complete this

Tony, Justin, Roo, and Jordan - for providing me your invaluable support and letting me run songs in progress by you for your opinions.

Blake E. - for being patient and professional with me during the mixing process, despite my particular nature and constantly apologizing for changes

Ralarare, Neo, and Teko - For helping with graphics!

Steven - For deets

Steve F. - For the Kickstarter video and help on all my video projects

and finally,

All the loyal fans who've stuck by me all this time. Your support and the fact that you get excited to listen to my stuff really means the world to me. I wish I could express that better.

High donating Kickstarter folks whom without this would not have been possible:

Aristide Aaragon
Vincent George
Buck Turner
Tim Wood
Ian Mills
Tim Hartwig
Chris Ratledge
Irene Flavin
Ian McClure
Ryan Dewalt
Mark Roy
Drew Whatley
Matthew Piersma
Alex Buie
Mark Pope
Daniel Goniea
Chris Douglass
Alex Vance
Jeremiah Chen
Vincent DeLisi
Peter Sylvester
Mark Estey
Austin Smith


released March 15, 2013

Mixing by Blake Eiseman of BinkSound - binksound.com
Mastering by Colin Leonard of SING Mastering - singmastering.com

Whistles on "Arrow" by Justin P.
Additional strings on "Perspective" by FoxAmoore - foxamoore.bandcamp.com



all rights reserved


Polite Fiction San Jose, California

One dude in California decided he wanted to make music that got you up out of your chair and dancing. This is the result. He writes every single part. It's hard. Cookies are delicious. Pineapples are not.

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Track Name: Arrow
when I woke today
I found you on my phone
broadcasting a signal
that tells me you're alone
and if you feel lost
and you need some advice
just call me up
yeah you don't need to ask twice
'cause you don't know
where you should go
you're looking for that
plain-sighted arrow
and I didn't say
it wasn't fun
leading you around

but it's such a waste of time to think
that anybody knows me like you do
if I could listen in, write it down in ink
that question that you're thinkin' of
you know it
you know it is love

and I could never see you in that light
until you found me on the stairs
and we stayed up into the dead of night
talking about the future and what came to mind
and getting drunk on triple sec and cheap red wine
'cause you don't know
where you should go
you're looking for that plain-sighted arrow
and this all seems
so long ago
leading you around

and if you had a doubt
I'd spell it out
in no uncertain terms
that I'm without
a way to keep you absent
from my mind
I've given in I know
that I'm resigned
to toe this line
Track Name: Carry On (We'll Be Here When You Get Back)
maybe this time you're right
maybe this time it all works out
since 4:30 that night
it's all you've talked about
they say everybody gets their shot
and you don't want to be left out
take your time
take it off
take a bow
but know
that we all have our doubts

and when you go
hope you find your way
the sound
the echo of your beating heart
and we'll all say
carry on
nous attendrons ton retour
you can pretend that you know it all
the world
a volume on your shelf
but you know
when push comes shove
you'll be on your knees
and crawling back

how lonely it must be
sitting at the top
the city lights beneath you
a temporary stop
on your way to riches, fame
and all the things we're not
conjure all the friends you like
'cause they don't mean a lot
they say everybody gets caught up
in always wanting more
take your time
take it off
take a bow
but know
that we're all keeping score
Track Name: Perspective
smile like you do
come around again
this presence of mind
perspective can lend
take take take
you give and take
how's it gonna feel when
you break break break
this thin veneer
the air of indifference you make

tell me how
tell me when
I'll ever tire of you here
and I could comb this town
for years and years
and never find a gaze
that's quite as clear
clear as you

sing to me at night
and put me to sleep
a lucid lullaby
my heart you would keep
hold hold hold
you hold me here
in your palm with fingers curled
told told told
I told you my dear
that you would be my world

and you could quench
all of my thirst
the drink is sweetest
when it's sour first
Track Name: Come a Little Closer
stand right there, inside this frame
and don't you move, just stay the same
for me
for me
if there's a note that I could sing
to dangle hearts out on a string
I would
I would

I could tell you everything you wanna hear
just come a little closer, come a little closer
you could whisper to me all your hopes and fears
just come a little closer, come a little closer
I don't have a single care when you are near
just come a little closer, come a little closer
you don't have to worry 'cause it's crystal clear
just come a little closer, come a little closer

glass house full of stones to throw
let's tear it down, put on a show
ashes, ashes, all fall down
we'll dance around
this empty town
'cause we don't care (if they all stare)
we don't

everything reverberates
with syncopated marching beats
winding down, winding in
pouring in under your skin
close your eyes and calm your nerves
curl your toes into the surf
forget about just where you've been
hold your tongue and listen
Track Name: Suzerainty
could you
could you say you had this bright idea
to shake it up
oh for another day
you'd go, I'd follow
we'd wreck this fuckin' town
get down
high roll

who's to say, what's to know
golden rule, it's just for show
make it what you want
make it what you want
line 'em up and throw it down
you're the king, wear the crown
make it what you want
make it what you want now

fix me
when I'm starting to wear out
just kick me
and remind me of the times I
was this close
to finally having someone all my own
to smother, to hold
and masturbation's just not as fun
if you can't cry when you're done

just breathe it in
just breathe it in
just breathe it in
just breathe it in
that air of sin
and kick your feet up
Track Name: Quiet, Quiet (B-side)
feigning interest
got a home there
got a view there too
and it's all I need
and I need to

come down
come down
through the white noise
in my head
well, I get turned around
see, I could never figure how to
tune out that sound
and all this crosstalk you can
cut it out
cut it out
cut it out
and be left with
quiet, quiet
quiet, quiet,

coming down the wire
out the lights
(and dream for something good to work
what is lost, now is always found)
washing colors out
into a beautiful random hue
and it's all I need
I need to

-double vocal part-
(and in my eye
I'm far away
from endless
droves of vying
requests for all my
time my thoughts
my life
it gets so tiring
and in this wisdom
I could give to you
a simple tiding
quiet, quiet
quiet, quiet